Expression of Warning

(Ungkapan tentang peringatan)
A warning means giving information of the danger or unexpected situation that my happen if a person does something. He/she wants that person will be more careful. When we see a snake on a tree, for example, we may shout our friends "Watch out" It means we inform them be careful and to pay attention to the snake.

A warning is usually in the form of imperative, but it may occur with the modal "must" and "should"

Expression of warning :
- You should/should not_______________
- You must/must not___________________
- Don't_______________________________!
- Beware!
- Beware of___________________________
- Look out!
- Watch out!
- Watch out for_______________________!

Here are other examples of expressing warning.
  1. Your little sister wants to cross the busy street. Then you warn her to cross carefully by saying,"Mind the traffic!"
  2. There is a long wire connected to the computer. At present you are using your computer and your little brother is playing a toy car behind the computer. You see what he is doing and warm,"Dont touch the wire!"
  3. There is blackout in the neighbourhood. A father lights a lantern and puts it on the table. His son is amazed and plays with the lantern. When the father sees, he warns,"Keep away from the fire!" or "Don't play with the lantern!"
  4. You are walking on the pavement with your friends in the rain. Suddenly you see a big hole on the pavement. You want your friends by pointing at the hole and saying,"Look out!"
  5. In the zoo, many cages of wild animals are applied with a warning board saying,"Beware of the wild animals!"

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