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Central Java
The wirst-hit flood area in the country this rainy season has been Central Java where people has been killed and tens of thousands evacuated.

The public works ministry estimated that it will need 14 bilion rupiah to reconstruct the bridges in Kali Kuto and Kali Desa, Central Java, and to repair a number of roads in the provibce. another 10.36 billion rupiah is need to repair irrigation facilities.

The minister of Public work, Radinal Mochtar, has instructed that repairs on damaged roads and bridges be completed before the Idul Fitri holidays at the end of March.

Radinal said he ordered the state-owned construction company PT adi Karya to begin the reconstruction innedietelly. He said he chose the frim because it is now working or projects in the area and has experience in handling similar kinds of repairs. The company rebuilt both the Kali Comal Bridge, which was damaged by floods three years ago, and the Kali Kuto Bridge, which was destroyed by floods two years ago.

the minister also said the damaged irrigation facilities in the regencies of demak, Kendal and Purwodadi might be repaired before the end of March, allowing farmers to meet tis year's planting schedules.

The agriculture Ministry Pledged to send seed and tools to farmers in East and Central java whose fields have been damaged by floods.

1. What was the minister of public works instruction?
a. to send seed and tools
b. to calculate the funds
c. to evacuate the victim
d. to take all the people away
e. to reconstruct the damaged thing

2. When should the damaged roads and bridge be finished?
a. in March
b. at the end of March
c. before the Idul Fitri holidays at the end of March
d. at the Idul Fitri holidays at the end of March
e. at the Idul Fitri holidays

3. Which one is true according to the text?
a. the goverment has paid attention to the victim of the flood
b/ to reconstruct the destruction of the foods needs a lot of funds
c. the flood happened in the west season
d. there is no one killed in the flood
e. the flood took place in Central Java

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