An adverb is a word, which modifies a verb an adjective or another verb.
Please sit here! ( the adverb here modifies the verb ‘sit’).
She is very happy. ( the adverb very modifies the adjective ‘happy’)

Adverbs are used to tell: time (when), place (where), reason (why), manner (how), degree( how much), to what extent and frequency (how often).
They will leave soon.
Therefore he was punished.

Many adverb are formed from adjective, with the addition of the suffix “ly”.
Ex: busy – busily | great – greatly | soft – softly

Adverb In Comparisson.

a. add ‘er’ ,’est’

| Possitive | Comparative | Superlative|
Fast Faster fastest
High higher highest

b. add ‘more’ , ‘most’

| Possitive | Comparative | Superlative |
Quickly more quickly most quickly
Generously more generously most generously

c. irregular comparison

| Possitive | Comparative | Superlative|
Well better best
Much more most
Little less least
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