An Order of Events

An Order Of  Events (Ungkapan Tentang Urutan Kegiatan)

Johan: The dam being built by the workers looks very huge.
Aziz  : You're right. It was planned to generate electricity. Our government began this project after they         consulted with Japanese government.
Johan: Did they cooperate with Japanese gonvernment?
Aziz  : Yes, but not all. Japanese government only helped give assistance and technology before the contructions.
Johan: Interesting. But what will happen to the farmlands in the riverbanks?
Aziz  : They will be covered by the water forever. Therefor, the architect had to consider the impacts on ecosystem before building the dam

    In the bold-typed sentences in the talk, there is the word "after" and " before". One of the functions of those words is to show an order of events.

- "After" and "before" can precede a clause.
- "After" and "before" can come before a noun or pronoun.
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