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I have 2 modul about english lesson. The files are based on pdf. So you must to download it in the links below.

opposites dictionary

Dasar Tenses

Learn many new vocabulary is an important thing in communicating in English. However, as most of you probably realize, it can also be a boring thing. This article will discuss some ways of fun in learning new vocabulary so that it can help to master the English language more quickly.

Everyone is unique and has their own way of learning. Try some of the methods below and continue to do the method according to you the most pleasant or effective, or you can apply a variety of methods so that you do not get bored easily!

It is important for you to know that students learn vocabulary in two ways:
1. "By chance". This means that students learning with or without the conscious use of 'context clues' when they read or hear.
2. "Learning to live". In this case the students did try to learn new vocabulary.
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