Soal Bahas Inggris Melengkapi Kalimat Dalam Paragraf 2

1).....most people know that the success of television show is measured by its ratings, few know exactly how show are rated. First, a rating company 2)...meters in few thousand representative homes in particular area. 3)....the television set in one of these homes is turned on, the meter records the day, time and channel. The meter then 4)..... sends this information to the rating conpany's headquarters. A computer at the headquarters tallies all of the information from all the homes in the area, 5)..... the computers prints a rating sheet that shows how many homes watch each show and which shows are the most popular.

1) A. Although    B. However   C. since   D.Nevertheless   E. Because

2) A. induces      B. installs        C.introspects  D. invites   E. interprets

3) A. thus   B. until   C. when   D. unless   E. Since

4) A. electronic B. electrical  C. electricity  D. electronically  E. electronical

5) A. Finally   B. Eventually  C. Subsequently  D. Recently  E. Gradually


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