Soal Bahasa Inggris Reading Text 6

Solar energy is the resultof reactions that take place within the sun. The reaction are in the nuclei, or central parts of atoms. Because these reaction are in atomic nuclei, they called nuclear reacttions.

The solar energy that falls on the United States in 1 minutes is enough to supply the energy need of the entire country for one one day.

Man has made very little direct use of the enormous amount of solar energy that reaches the earth. He has used solar energy inderectly, however, for many thousands of years. When fuel is burned, solar energy stored in plants is being used. Windmills used for grinding grain and for pumping water are driven by wind that results from infrared solar energy.

Scientists are trying to find ways of using solar energy inexpensively and on a large scale. They are trying to find an inexpensive method of making electric current from solar energy for use in regions where generating electric current is expensive. They are experimenting with ways of using solar energy to supply heat and hot water to homes less expensively that can be done at present. Air conditioners and refrigerators also may some day be run bay solar energy.

Electricity can be produced directly from sunlight, without using a collector. The device that does this is called a photelectric cell.

Photoelectric cells are made of materials that produce an electric current when light sines on them. If sunlight us used, that cell is called a solar cell. Many solar cells are connected to make solar battery.

Solar batteries are extremely useful in supplying electric current for spacecrafts or on flat plates along the outside of the crafts. When the sun shines of the solar batteries, they generate an electric current. This current is used to charge the storage batteries inside the spacecrafts.

1. The text us about
   A. the direct current of solar energy
   B. electricity from solar energy
   C. the way to extract solar energy
   D. the uses of solar energy
   E. the total amount of the sun's energy

2. The main information of paragraph 3 is.....
   A. man has made plants to store energy
   B. solar energy that reaches the earth is enormous
   C. solar energy has been used indirectly since a long time ago
   D. wind that results from infrared solar energy is used to drive windmills
   E. only a small amount of solar energy reaching the earth has been used directly

3. The following statements are true, except.....
   A. The flow of energy from the sun never stops
   B. solar energy is the result of reactions that take place within the sun
   C. Some day air conditioners and refrigrators will be powered by solar energy
   D. Electricity can be produced directly from  sunlight without using a collector
   E. Advanced technology is not needed to make effective use of solar energy
4. Photoelectric cell can be used to generate....directly without using any collector
   A. sunlight
   B. electricity
   C. solar cell
   D. electric current
   E. solar battery

5. Which of the following is the word used in the text which means "flow of electricity through a wire"?
   A. Atomic nuclei
   B. current
   C. Supply
   D. Collector
   E. Battery


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