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The northern and shoutern polar regions are different in many ways. The most important difference the concerns the distribution of land and water. The northern artic regions are ice-covered sea, almost completely surrounded by land. The pole itself is in deep water. In the south, Antartica is a huge continent which is surrounded by a great ocean. Because of this basic difference other difference occur. The Artic has varied climate, while the Antartic climate vaies little; the Artic has much plant life but the Antartic is an empty desert. And whereas the Artic has been exploited economically for centuries, trade has never really touched Antartica.

One reason for the present interest in both polar regions is that the world may soon be short of fresh water. The world's population is double in every 35 years, and the United States alone an average person uses about 1,500 gallons of fresh water a day. The ice in the northern and southern polar regions is actually frozen fresh water. In fact over 85% of the erath's entire fresh water is found in the polar ice. If we could find a way of carrying this ice to other parts of the world, this would solve all our fresh water problems. (taken from; Communicate in Writing p. 28b)

1. Which of following is not true the northern Artic..
a. ice-covered sea
b. no economic exploitation
c. surrounded by land
d. varied climated
e. much plant life

2. The main ideia of the first paragraph is...
a. the differences between Artic and Antartic
b. Trade has never really touched Antartica
c. the south Antartica is a huge continent
d. The Artic has varied climate
e. the northern Artic regions are ice-covered sea

3. Because of this basic difference other difference occur (paragraph 1). the word "occur" has similar meaning with...
a. appear
b. change
c. happen
d. emerge
e. create

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