Soal Bahasa Inggris Reading Text 4

Most large companies do not know how to make the best use of clever. Employees who criticize the old ways of doing things and want to try out new ideas are dislike both by their collegues and by their bosses. Comments like ‘They wouldn’t listen to me’ or ‘I kept presenting new product ideas, only to hear nothing’ are typical of many a manage who become an entrepeneur. All of this causes frustation, which can quickly lead to boredom. Often, middle manager start to think: ‘Only another 30 more years of working my way retirement.’ At thi spoint, they want to find a way out.....

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English lesson, learning with reading text, its one of way how to learn english. Learn online with many sources in internet. like as youtube, music download then listen and search the lyric then reading. Listening is powerfull way to fast understand english language.

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