The ipad

San Francisco - Apple boss, Steve Jobs, introducing new products has been waiting on Wednesday (27 / 1) in San Francisco or Thursday (28 / 1) when Indonesia. Product, a tablet is more advanced than the iPod but more fun than a laptop, given the name iPad and released with prices starting from Rp 4 million.

When introduced, Jobs said that this iPad nice to read books, play games, or watching videos. "(It's) a lot more fun than a laptop and a lot smarter than a smartphone," said Jobs.

iPad is shaped like the iPhone but with larger size. The screen size of 9.7 inches and weighs 0.6 kilograms. There are storage media options, depending on the price, and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Apple iPad launched with three models, depending on storage capacity, with the price of U.S. $ 499 (USD 4.6 million), U.S. $ 599 (USD 5.5 million), and U.S. $ 699 (USD 6.5 million). iPad go on sale around the world, not just the United States, in March next.

According to Jobs, iPad can be used continuously for 10 hours without must dicas. Without use, the batteries are not even allowed dicas need for a month.

When introduced, Jobs showed how iPad used to surf the Internet with Apple browser, Safari. He also showed how he had sent an email with a keyboard on the touchscreen. To find photos, he lived a finger sliding on the screen.

In addition to browsing the Internet, it has the ability iPad as ebook reader, devices for reading electronic books. He showed the newspaper pages of the prestigious New York Times and books iPad version. This capability would make the rivals iPad Kindle, sold a similar device Amazon and Amazon's book is also supplied.
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